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JB&B Field + Bluerithm case study

How JB&B Field™ Took it’s Esteemed Commissioning Process to the Cloud

Recently, the JB&B Field™ team decided to move its process to the cloud with Bluerithm. Today, JB&B Field™ uses Bluerithm to streamline progress updates, test scripts, and deficiency tracking—all aspects of their comprehensive workflow—into a single interface. Since launching, the … Read More

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leed bluerithm

When Paradigms Converge: The Synergy Between Bluerithm and LEED Commissioning Projects

Bluerithm’s Cx software is the ideal complement to LEED Commissioning projects – even enhancing LEED Certifications’ intended outcomes.  Bluerithm helps provide full digital turnovers for contractors and building owners with cloud-based, real-time communications, paperless documentation, and more. Read on to … Read More

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bluerithm construction productivity

Weathering the Storm of Productivity: Facing the Construction Industry’s Future

Productivity is quickly becoming the central concern in the property design and construction industry as project demands purport to increase while labor capacity decreases. PropTech and ConTech, like Bluerithm, are emerging to address productivity issues as building owners simultaneously increase … Read More

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BIM model bluerithm equipment data

Don’t Plan to Fail: Preparing for a Fully Digital Turnover

Now is the time for contractors and commissioning providers to consider engaging a complete digital transformation of their workflow and products. More and more building owners are demanding contractors deliver a full digital turnover of their construction projects. Is this change a burden or an opportunity? … Read More

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bluerithm construction software commissioning

A Guide to Which Industries Use Commissioning Software

Building commissioning software is an adaptable, cloud-based platform enabling commissioning for building construction projects across numerous industries. Deployment occurs during all phases of buildings, plants, and facilities to ensure that all systems are operational and in working order. … Read More

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bluerithm cobie

Equipment Data Management

Bluerithm facilitates the transfer of massive amounts of data about equipment and assets, from design tools like Revit, into a comprehensive, collaborative platform that bridges the gap between design, field data collection and verification, and ultimately transfer to operations platforms (i.e. digital twins, maintenance management systems, etc.). … Read More

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Bluerithm at CxEnergy 2022

We’re excited to have a full calendar of in person events this year. We’ll be at CxEnergy in Orlando in April. Be sure to say hello!

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Explaining Building Commissioning Software: Its Purpose and Advantage

Software as a service (SaaS) products launched in the general public’s consciousness in the late 1990s with the advent of Salesforce. Today, everyone uses some form of SaaS product daily, whether free or paid. If you have a smartphone or … Read More

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Bluerithm’s Fully Integrated Schedule Tool

We built the schedule tool in Bluerithm from the ground up – it’s completely custom and fully integrated into your projects. And it even works across multiple projects where you can combine any number of them together to have a global view of everything that’s going on with your portfolio, regional offices / branches, customers, and teams. … Read More

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All Systems Ready: What Is Building Commissioning Services?

Building commissioning services are provided by Commissiong or Cx professionals and engineers. Building owners and general contract managers employ their expertise to ensure that all of a building’s systems are correctly designed, installed, tested, and verified to be performing accurately … Read More

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COBie file. Bluerithm technology

What is COBie?

There are many challenges that companies face when working with data and information. Getting data in a standardized format is a struggle many industries deal with. Companies spend countless hours cleaning data so that it can be used. There is … Read More

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Commissioning Reports, Test and Balance Reports

Stand out from the crowd There are many ways Bluerithm helps you fight back against commoditization. Giving you full-fledged text editing tools for your test forms, design reviews, meeting minutes, and anything else from your projects that all feed into … Read More

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Bluerithm Jan. 2022 Updates

——––> Announcement video Updated page layouts, improved UX, light-mode  We’re investing heavily in making Bluerithm look nicer, flow smoother, and to making it easier and nicer to use in general. We hired a UX specialist to help in these efforts. The … Read More

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Form Matrix/Summary

The form matrix in Bluerithm is used to combine data from similar forms across your project, in one place. The improves productivity quality of data collection and entry, and yet still maintains a 1-1 basis for your forms and equipment.

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End of Year Update 2021

What a year I hope that 2021 has been good to you and your team. Despite ongoing challenges, we’ve seen a faster-than-expected global rebound, including growth in commercial and industrial construction. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable … Read More

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Free Commissioning and Test and Balance Software

Did you know that you can use BlueRithm for free? We believe certain things just shouldn’t exist when it comes to commissioning, readiness, and TAB software.  Complexity / poor UX to the point where you need custom training Rigid format … Read More

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2021 Incentive

The end of the calendar year is right around the corner. If you’ve been on the fence about switching to the latest technology and running a more efficient and quality-conscious business, we are giving you a little nudge and making … Read More

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Full Text Editor Coming to BlueRithm

Simple is elegant. But sometimes a little extra formatting goes a long way to making complex information easier to understand.  You’ll soon have the ability to add formatting to your forms, checklists, design reviews, issues & punch list items, notes, … Read More

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Expanded Audit History Features

Facilitating accountability, transparency, and making detailed record keeping easy is a big part of what BlueRithm does for you. We’ve made it easier to keep track of each and every detail of your checklists, test procedures, design reviews, and all … Read More

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Friends Wherever We Go!

We’re fortunate and thankful for the always-expanding BlueRithm customer base around the globe. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to do no-interruption updates to cloud resources these days, because there aren’t really “off-hours” with our customer base anymore. Helping our customers streamline … Read More

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Kattera’s Failure and the Future of Property Design and Construction

Katerra might have crashed and burned, but “pioneers are oftentimes the losers. Then the other guys come behind it and figure out what they did wrong.” Disrupting existing supply chain models and novel pre-fabrication approaches are just examples of innovation … Read More

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BlueRithm + Procore Integration

Automate More with the BlueRithm + Procore Integration Procore Partner Today we’re announcing and previewing the BlueRithm integration with Procore. The first stage of this integration is a robust data-level integration that automatically synchronizes Procore observations with BlueRithm Issues.  We’re … Read More

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Design-Build Adoption Increases

Based on the results from FMI’s latest report, traditional design-bid-build projects continue to decrease as a delivery model in favor of design-build. This expands on research from 2018 and shows a trend leading to nearly half of all projects using … Read More

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Lock Any Column, Row, Individual Cell in Your Custom Forms and Checklists

Full Control We’re excited to announce an update to BlueRithm forms and checklists. You now have greater control over who can edit what in custom forms and checklists.  Use built in tools in the web portal, or shortcodes in Excel uploads … Read More

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What’s New

Accelerating Into the Next Decade Big Changes What a whirlwind year it’s been – and we still have a quarter to go! As construction technology adoption accelerates, we’re pushing the limits by bringing in new partners and investors, hiring new … Read More

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