What is Substantial Completion?

In this video Andrew Martin from BlueRithm is interviewed by Thomas Stuenkel (CEO of Swiss Commissioning). Andrew answers the question “What is Substantial Completion?”.

Highlights: Custom Forms and Workflows

One of the concerns we consistently hear from firms we talk to is that by moving onto a cloud based platform, they’ll lose the custom workflows and things that make them unique in a crowded field of providers. Take a … Read More

Highlights: Dashboards and Schedule

One of the most beneficial things an effective cloud platform can do for you is provide easy to use, concise dashboards and aggregated data. Take a quick look at the key metrics and schedule that BlueRithm automatically creates for you! … Read More

Highlights: Project Setup

People often wonder how much work is involved in setting up a new project in BlueRithm. Here’s an example in less than a minute!

Interview with Thomas Stuenkel of Swiss Commissioning

Andrew talks with Thomas Stuenkel of Swiss Commissioning about CCMS and BlueRithm. Check it out here: Thomas Stuenkel Thomas is a Commissioning Manager, Commissioning Engineer and Commissioning Coach with more than 25 years of work experience – worldwide. He is … Read More

Highlights: Automated Schedules

Demonstrate Mastery of the Commissioning Process with Little Effort Having a project schedule that accurately reflects the work you’re managing and performing not only helps you manage your own team effectively, it shows that you know what you’re doing – that … Read More

Your Unique Position as a Systems Integrator

You’re Used to This If you’re a SCADA integrator, building automation systems contractor, or other technology system contractor working within construction events, it goes without saying that your projects usually come with a dose of stress and anxiety. A common … Read More