Save Time, Improve Quality

BlueRithm was built to bring you a streamlined, intuitive, and modern platform to manage your commissioning projects in a cost effective way.

Manage Functional Performance Tests, Checklists, Issues

BlueRithm lets you track and manage FPT’s, checklists, status, issues, dates, notes, files, and other information in a simple and organized way so nothing gets missed. With BlueRithm you can streamline your projects, and accelerate closeout while also saving time and money.

Automate Your Processes

Automate your processes, collaboration, reporting, and information sharing with various report generation options, dashboards and other data aggregation capabilities, all designed to help you focus on your value-adding work, rather than document organization, administrative tasks, and creating reports.

Stay Focused on the Critical Work

When collaboration, file access, task and issue management, and all of your project information is stored on our secure and reliable cloud platform, you can dedicate more time to the critical and important work that matters, instead of generating time-consuming manual reports, emails, and collecting documents and feedback.