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Autodesk Construction Cloud

Bluerithm users can manage workflow automation, complex test and inspection procedures, QA/QC, system startup activities, commissioning, LEED certification workflows, and issues with Bluerithm, with key data synced so you can stay in the platform you're comfortable with.



With both a data and embedded integration with Procore, you can directly access Bluerithm dashboards to view equipment data, monitor commissioning, track startup progress, and oversee MEP activities, all without leaving the Procore environment. Issues automatically sync between the platforms with extensive control over the sync behavior.



Project stakeholders can harness the combined power of Bluerithm’s rigorous workflows and Willow’s intelligent building management. Automatically sync critical asset data with Willow from Bluerithm with this data-level integration.

Autodesk Revit


Facilitate the seamless transfer of asset and equipment data from design tools such as Revit by Autodesk.


Bluerithm API

The Bluerithm API allows you to programmatically access data from your Bluerithm account and projects.

Bluerithm API

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Customizable site visit report templates with options to track as standalone activities, or to incorporate into the issues log.


Customizable design review templates with options to track as standalone activities, or to incorporate into the issues log.


Customizable meeting minute templates.

TAB templates for custom forms with formulas that you can create and edit. 

Functional and integrated systems tests / level 4 and 5 forms for commercial commissioning. 

Virtually unlimited formats to support your unique needs. 

Pre-functional / level 2 and 3 checklists for commercial commissioning, installation and startup tracking.

Bluerithm has LEED process checklists to ensure you’re on track with your LEED certification requirements, as well as checklist and test forms so you can meet Fundamental and Enhanced LEED certification requirements.

Bluerithm has extensive templates ready to use and customize for a variety of commercial commissioning needs. 

Bluerithm has comprehensive punch list and issue log features to support thorough recording, tracking, and control workflows. New items and responses can be easily added on mobile devices in the field, even when offline. 

Issues are customizable on a project by project basis with custom fields.