What It Looks Like When a National Commissioning Firm Streamlines Its Project Workflow – Bluerithm Case Study

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As a national provider of “tailor-fit, third-party commissioning services,” Cornerstone Commissioning, Inc. insists on repeatable, rigorous workflows for the 90+ clients it serves at any given time. With Bluerithm, the team found a tool that streamlined their entire commissioning process, saved considerable time during key phases of the project workflow, and took client experience to another level.

Facing challenges of efficiency and scale, the Cornerstone team needed an all-encompassing commissioning toolsomething fluid and cloud-based that could house all documents, test procedures, formseverything.

With Bluerithm, the team found a tool that streamlined their entire commissioning process, saved considerable time during key phases of the project workflow, and took client experience to another level.



“In the past, Cornerstone managed most of our processes with a combination of our in-house developed SQL database and Excel documents, plus other Microsoft tools,” says Keith Olberding, Senior Commissioning Engineer. “It worked really well but it also resulted in a lot of email exchanges and file sharing from hosting site servers.”

The potential efficiency gains were clear to Olberding and his team. While they were ready for a more fluid commissioning solution, there was one important caveat. “We didn’t want to conform our practices and how we do business to fit the tool we selected,” says Olberding.


The One-Stop Shop Cornerstone Commissioning Was Looking For

To make a successful transition to a cloud-based commissioning tool, the Cornerstone team needed to get a few things rightmission-critical items, as it turns out. “We did extensive vetting of various solutions,” says Olberding. “We examined each platform against a rigorous internal checklist. We absolutely did not want to compromise the quality processes we’d put together over the years.”

Simple Scalable Onboarding

To hit the ground running, the Cornerstone Commissioning team first needed to move all of its existing commissioning documents into Bluerithm, then build out company templates.

“Andy and his team took care of all of that for us,” says Olberding. “So we weren’t starting from square one. Once everything was moved over to the platform, we were able to quickly train our team members to start using the tool.”


  • Short learning curve thanks to Bluerithm support and company-wide in-house training.
  • Ability to onboard new employees across a rapidly expanding team from the East to West coast.

An Upgrade to Transparency and Accountability

The philosophy at Cornerstone Commissioning has always been one of transparency and accountability. Before and after Bluerithm, the team has earned its reputation for inviting all parties to see and participate in the project workflow. A centralized, cloud-based commissioning process takes this philosophy to the next level.

“All stakeholders can see all of the forms and documents in one place,” says Olberding. “There’s a level of accountability that maybe wasn’t there before, because it’s live, it’s out on the web, and all parties get to see it and participate.”


  • 24/7 real-time project visibility for all stakeholders.
  • Accountability for contractors providing issue response and resolution.
  • Detailed audit histories.

Commissioning Kickoffs That Clients Love

The Cornerstone team uses Bluerithm as a centerpiece of its commissioning kickoffs. This makes sure the two teams get on the same page from the outset, while keeping all project information in the same place and accessible by everyone.

“When we kick off a new project, Bluerithm is actually one of our agenda items. We introduce the web platform and show the clients how it works. We also get key participants set up in the system,” says Olberding.


  • Contain project material in one place right from the beginning, including meeting agendas and minutes, participation sheets, and so on.
  • Show owners, engineering, and contracting teams projects already populated with their equipment and test forms.
  • Encourage wider adoption of the platform by clients.

Improve Project Communication and Commissioning Issues Logs

While solid communication ensures continuity throughout the commissioning process, it can also be one of the most time-consuming and, at times, problematic aspects.

Says Olberding, “having a cloud-based solution alleviated a lot of the communication problems we used to encounter. Redundant email exchanges and phone calls. Trying to figure out who has the current documents, what the current responses are, who we’re still waiting to hear from. That exchange of information now flows a lot easier.”


  • Up-to-date commissioning issue log and better response rate around finished work and deficiency resolution.
  • Ability to provide updates from a smartphone in the field.
  • Commissioning issue logs that tell a more complete tale of the project during the closing phases.

Convenient and Prompt Support

Bluerithm provides a built-in knowledge database that the Cornerstone Commissioning team can access whenever they need help. Olberding and his team have also built their own in-house tech support page using the Bluerithm platform itself.

“We’re using it for a support page in addition to projects that we’re managing. We use it internally to document issues that we’re having across all projects, and then we have another section for tips, tricks, and enhancements. So if somebody learns a quicker, better way to do something, we share that across the company, right on our Bluerithm site.”

The team can always use support chat or email to get in touch with Bluerithm support. Typically, they get a personal response the same day.



Significant Time Savings Throughout Project Workflow

Centrally Accessible Dashboard for All Project Stakeholders

Scalable Onboarding Leading to Greater Platform Adoption

The Cornerstone Commissioning team now saves significant time and effort throughout their various project workflows. “We’re able to complete and close out projects more quickly,” says Olberding. “We’re getting to the end of projects without issue logs that still have a few dozen open items. And we’re compressing what used to take us weeks or perhaps even months to get projects fully closed to complete a final commissioning report.”

Today, Olberding and team can do that same work in a couple of hours, because the contents in the final commissioning reports are already housed and compiled in Bluerithm. Similarly, training and onboarding is far more efficient. “We have staff across the United States,” says Olberding. “As we bring new people on, we don’t have to have Bluerithm train them. We don’t have to send them to a training class or webinar to figure this product out. There’s not a big investment in-house to get someone spun up on this and get them proficient, and we know that Andy’s team is there if we need them.”

Speaking of responsiveness, the Cornerstone Commissioning team regularly communicates with Bluerithm about product feedback and suggested enhancements. “Andy has welcomed those and many of them he’s put into subsequent releases for us. And tech support has been almost instantaneous when we reach out.”

This new level of efficiency and communication is helping Cornerstone Commissioning improve its market differentiation, too. “We’re providing a higher quality of commissioning,” says Olberding. “Bluerithm gives the professional look we want. Functionality is terrific as well. When we overlay that with the quality of the testing that we’re doing, we deliver a client experience that’s very hard to beat.”

Move your Excel-based processes to the cloud

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Customizable site visit report templates with options to track as standalone activities, or to incorporate into the issues log.


Customizable design review templates with options to track as standalone activities, or to incorporate into the issues log.


Customizable meeting minute templates.

TAB templates for custom forms with formulas that you can create and edit. 

Functional and integrated systems tests / level 4 and 5 forms for commercial commissioning. 

Virtually unlimited formats to support your unique needs. 

Pre-functional / level 2 and 3 checklists for commercial commissioning, installation and startup tracking.

Bluerithm has LEED process checklists to ensure you’re on track with your LEED certification requirements, as well as checklist and test forms so you can meet Fundamental and Enhanced LEED certification requirements.

Bluerithm has extensive templates ready to use and customize for a variety of commercial commissioning needs. 

Bluerithm has comprehensive punch list and issue log features to support thorough recording, tracking, and control workflows. New items and responses can be easily added on mobile devices in the field, even when offline. 

Issues are customizable on a project by project basis with custom fields.