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Some workflows and situations require approvals and sign-offs, often multiple levels of approvals. For example, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance workflows for GMP facilities in the biopharma industry. Or several rounds of layers of review after a checksheet or test form has been completed. Bluerithm has these scenarios and more covered.

Digital Signatures in Bluerithm

You can create many custom workflows, processes, and types of forms in Bluerithm. One of them is a sign-off workflow using digital signatures. While Bluerithm already tracks and stores each change made to a project, it’s sometimes required or nice to have a final, explicit action taken by an approver or reviewer. 

Bluerithm gives you options for building approval workflows directly into forms as a final checkpoint for the person filling it out, or as additional steps separate approvers can take. 

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