Commissioning Software: How to Roll it Out in Your Organization

Commissioning Software How to Roll it Out in Your Organization (Also see our related article on selecting a commissioning software platform) The following are suggestions based on industry best practices and our experience. Not everything will apply to your organization, but much of it can be adopted to help get […]

Rework: A Great Read on Running a Smart, Nimble Business in the 21st Century

My First Review I haven’t ever written a review of a book before, but I thought there was enough universally useful information in this one that I wanted to share my thoughts. Why I Think this Book, and Others Like It are Important Historically, advice and insight around running a […]

Status Meetings are Eating Your Profits

Those of us who have worked in the construction industry for any length of time know that project status meetings are something of a sacred ritual. They’re recurring, persistent, often contentious, and grossly unproductive. This isn’t a direct shot at construction meetings exclusively, because this can be true of any […]

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