Status Meetings are Eating Your Profits

Those of us who have worked in the construction industry for any length of time know that project status meetings are something of a sacred ritual. They’re recurring, persistent, often contentious, and grossly unproductive. This isn’t a direct shot at construction meetings exclusively, because this can be true of any […]

Commissioning Software: How to Select the Right Product

Commissioning Software How to Select the Right Product As a business owner, you are constantly thinking about and carrying out plans to help your business run more efficiently and predictably, and improve employee morale. You know that this translates to better customer satisfaction, repeat business, better financial results, and overall […]

10 Best Practices for New Building Commissioning

Best Practices for New Building Commissioning Building commissioning is the vehicle that building owners and contracting teams are using to achieve better outcomes. These outcomes include sorting out interoperability issues between the many complex building systems that are installed in modern and high performance buildings, assuring systems and the building […]

Managing Profitability with Good Resource Utilization

The vast majority of building systems and commissioning work is performed as projects within matrix organizations. Within these matrix structures are limited pools of resources who project leaders and department managers are constantly negotiating and competing for in order to properly staff their projects to execute the work. Individuals and […]

Opportunities Abound for Contractors to Improve Productivity and Save Money

A new study from the global consulting giant McKinsey, reported on in this article from Engineering News-Record, makes claims about significant opportunities for contractors to improve work processes, and potentially “increase their margins by as much as 30%.” The study’s authors go on to back up their claim with multiple examples of […]

The Importance of a Collaborative Contractor & Commissioning Team Relationship

In this article from ASHRAE, the philosophies of technical vs. process commissioning are discussed. It’s mentioned that “When contractors communicate and collaborate effectively with the CxA during the installation process, problems are minimized and the amount of rework is greatly decreased.” A cloud based software platform like BlueRithm can be used to […]

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