Your Checklists and Test Scripts – We Can Convert Them for You

One of the biggest roadblocks to adopting a new commissioning software platform is migrating the libraries of templates, checklists, test scripts, etc. you’ve built up over many years. This can be quite intimidating, and let’s face it, tedious. That’s why … Read More

Cloud Based Commissioning Software – What the Industry is Saying

Cloud Based Commissioning Software What the Industry is Saying About It Everything is moving to the cloud. Your family’s grocery list, your company’s email platform, Microsoft Office, your building’s data and predictive analytics. So why aren’t your commissioning libraries and … Read More

BlueRithm – What’s With our Name?

BlueRithm: Not Blue Rythm, Blue Rhythm, or Blue Rithm People often ask about our unique name and where it came from, so we wanted to elaborate on that a little. First of all, and most importantly, we want to be … Read More

Status Meetings are Eating Your Profits

Those of us who have worked in the construction industry for any length of time know that project status meetings are something of a sacred ritual. They’re recurring, persistent, often contentious, and grossly unproductive. This isn’t a direct shot at … Read More

Commissioning Software: How to Select the Right Product

Commissioning Software How to Select the Right Product As a business owner, you are constantly thinking about and carrying out plans to help your business run more efficiently and predictably, and improve employee morale. You know that this translates to … Read More

10 Best Practices for New Building Commissioning

Best Practices for New Building Commissioning Building commissioning is the vehicle that building owners and contracting teams are using to achieve better outcomes. These outcomes include sorting out interoperability issues between the many complex building systems that are installed in … Read More

Managing Profitability with Good Resource Utilization

The vast majority of building systems and commissioning work is performed as projects within matrix organizations. Within these matrix structures are limited pools of resources who project leaders and department managers are constantly negotiating and competing for in order to … Read More

3rd party commissioning planning and strategy

What is 3rd party commissioning? It depends

How many construction projects have you been involved with where you know that 3rd party commissioning is within the scope of the project, but you don’t really understand the extent of what it actually entails? What is 3rd party commissioning? … Read More

Opportunities Abound for Contractors to Improve Productivity and Save Money

A new study from the global consulting giant¬†McKinsey,¬†reported on in this article from Engineering News-Record, makes claims about significant opportunities for contractors to improve work processes, and potentially “increase their margins by as much as 30%.” The study’s authors go … Read More

Commissioning Software: Should Contractors Be Using It?

It is generally accepted that using a software platform to manage the commissioning process on even moderately complex projects can increase the quality of the final deliverable, and do so at a reduced cost. What about everything that happens before … Read More