Form Matrix/Summary

The form matrix in Bluerithm is used to combine data from similar forms across your project, in one place. The improves productivity quality of data collection and entry, and yet still maintains a 1-1 basis for your forms and equipment.

Avoid Becoming a Commodity

In some ways building commissioning has become a victim of its own success. We’re seeing forces in the industry driving the service to commodity status. Using technology in certain ways can further contribute to this phenomenon. See how BlueRithm can … Read More

We Make Transitions Easier

We’re often asked when the best time is to make a transition to BlueRithm. The answer is never – and right now! There’s never going to be a perfect time for change, but we do what we can to make … Read More

Bluebeam with BlueRithm

Bluebeam is one of the most popular tools available for PDF collaboration, storage, and editing. In this video we show you a couple cool ways that you can integrate Bluebeam into your BlueRithm projects or vice versa. Bluebeam studio sessions … Read More

Getting Serious About Your Project Data

With the filtering and query capabilities in BlueRithm, answers to difficult questions are available in seconds. Let’s say you want to know how many systems/equipment on the 1st floor of a building have open issues, have test forms or activities … Read More

BlueRithm Pricing Model

It may seem like there’s a catch to our simple pricing model. Nope, there’s not! Take a look at this brief explainer video.

Highlights: TAB Forms with Formulas

BlueRithm supports TAB projects, including any equation or formula you can use in a spreadsheet.

Highlights: Instant Updates for High Priority Items

Sometimes you need to know as soon as something happens. With the Follow option in BlueRithm, you can subscribe to updates on high priority issues and work. This is perfect for those critical items that need immediate attention after any … Read More

Highlights: Issue Logs and Punch Lists

Issue and punch list mangagement is simple in concept, but is one of the biggest areas cloud collaboration and communication can improve outcomes.

Highlights: Custom Forms and Workflows

One of the concerns we consistently hear from firms we talk to is that by moving onto a cloud based platform, they’ll lose the custom workflows and things that make them unique in a crowded field of providers. Take a … Read More