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Equipment Data Management

Bluerithm facilitates the transfer of massive amounts of data about equipment and assets, from design tools like Revit, into a comprehensive, collaborative platform that bridges the gap between design, field data collection and verification, and ultimately transfer to operations platforms (i.e. digital twins, maintenance management systems, etc.). … Read More

Bluerithm’s Fully Integrated Schedule Tool

We built the schedule tool in Bluerithm from the ground up – it’s completely custom and fully integrated into your projects. And it even works across multiple projects where you can combine any number of them together to have a global view of everything that’s going on with your portfolio, regional offices / branches, customers, and teams. … Read More

Bluerithm Jan. 2022 Updates

——––> Announcement video Updated page layouts, improved UX, light-mode  We’re investing heavily in making Bluerithm look nicer, flow smoother, and to making it easier and nicer to use in general. We hired a UX specialist to help in these efforts. The … Read More

End of Year Update 2021

What a year I hope that 2021 has been good to you and your team. Despite ongoing challenges, we’ve seen a faster-than-expected global rebound, including growth in commercial and industrial construction. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable … Read More

Free Commissioning and Test and Balance Software

Did you know that you can use BlueRithm for free? We believe certain things just shouldn’t exist when it comes to commissioning, readiness, and TAB software.  Complexity / poor UX to the point where you need custom training Rigid format … Read More

2021 Incentive

The end of the calendar year is right around the corner. If you’ve been on the fence about switching to the latest technology and running a more efficient and quality-conscious business, we are giving you a little nudge and making … Read More

Full Text Editor Coming to BlueRithm

Simple is elegant. But sometimes a little extra formatting goes a long way to making complex information easier to understand.  You’ll soon have the ability to add formatting to your forms, checklists, design reviews, issues & punch list items, notes, … Read More

Expanded Audit History Features

Facilitating accountability, transparency, and making detailed record keeping easy is a big part of what BlueRithm does for you. We’ve made it easier to keep track of each and every detail of your checklists, test procedures, design reviews, and all … Read More

BlueRithm + Procore Integration

Automate More with the BlueRithm + Procore Integration Procore Partner Today we’re announcing and previewing the BlueRithm integration with Procore. The first stage of this integration is a robust data-level integration that automatically synchronizes Procore observations with BlueRithm Issues.  We’re … Read More

Lock Any Column, Row, Individual Cell in Your Custom Forms and Checklists

Full Control We’re excited to announce an update to BlueRithm forms and checklists. You now have greater control over who can edit what in custom forms and checklists.  Use built in tools in the web portal, or shortcodes in Excel uploads … Read More