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Managing equipment & asset data

Managing equipment and asset data has become more and more important as owners expect fully digital turnovers of their complex facilities – no .pdf’s, no stacks of paper.
For assessments, surveys, etc. for existing properties, it’s also becoming increasingly impractical to manually collect, sort, and report this type of data. 
On new construction projects, this means an integrated and coordinated data management program must be in place from early design stages on projects, and there needs to be a seamless bridge between the stakeholders and phases of design, construction, and turnover. 

Bluerithm is that bridge 

Bluerithm facilitates the transfer of massive amounts of data about equipment and assets, from design tools like Revit, into a comprehensive, collaborative platform that bridges the gap between design, field data collection and verification, and ultimately transfer to operations platforms (i.e. digital twins, maintenance management systems, etc.).

This is achieved through interfaces through the Bluerithm API, COBie import/export/validation tools, and smart field tools for facilitating coordinated efforts across all stakeholders for field data collection, entry, tracking, and validation. 

Recent updates improve this capability further, including embedding structured equipment  data directly into custom workflows and forms. 

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