Building Automation Systems

Bluerithm’s Fully Integrated Schedule Tool

We built the schedule tool in Bluerithm from the ground up – it’s completely custom and fully integrated into your projects. And it even works across multiple projects where you can combine any number of them together to have a global view of everything that’s going on with your portfolio, regional offices / branches, customers, and teams. … Read More

Kattera’s Failure and the Future of Property Design and Construction

Katerra might have crashed and burned, but “pioneers are oftentimes the losers. Then the other guys come behind it and figure out what they did wrong.” Disrupting existing supply chain models and novel pre-fabrication approaches are just examples of innovation … Read More

What is Substantial Completion?

In this video Andrew Martin from BlueRithm is interviewed by Thomas Stuenkel (CEO of Swiss Commissioning). Andrew answers the question “What is Substantial Completion?”.

Bluebeam with BlueRithm

Bluebeam is one of the most popular tools available for PDF collaboration, storage, and editing. In this video we show you a couple cool ways that you can integrate Bluebeam into your BlueRithm projects or vice versa. Bluebeam studio sessions … Read More

Highlights: Dashboards and Schedule

One of the most beneficial things an effective cloud platform can do for you is provide easy to use, concise dashboards and aggregated data. Take a quick look at the key metrics and schedule that BlueRithm automatically creates for you! … Read More

BlueRithm Free for COVID-19 Response Projects

Fast-track projects for hospital re-purposing, temporary facilities, and accelerated existing projects are underway around the world to ramp up hospital bed capacity for patients sick with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). We have made BlueRithm free for these projects. Despite their … Read More

Highlights: Automated Schedules

Demonstrate Mastery of the Commissioning Process with Little Effort Having a project schedule that accurately reflects the work you’re managing and performing not only helps you manage your own team effectively, it shows that you know what you’re doing – that … Read More

Commissioning Software: How to Roll it Out in Your Organization

Commissioning Software How to Roll it Out in Your Organization (Also see our related article on selecting a commissioning software platform) The following are suggestions based on industry best practices and our experience. Not everything will apply to your organization, … Read More

Rework: A Great Read on Running a Smart, Nimble Business in the 21st Century

My First Review I haven’t ever written a review of a book before, but I thought there was enough universally useful information in this one that I wanted to share my thoughts. Why I Think this Book, and Others Like … Read More

Building Automation System Projects: 9 Things to Improve the Success of Your Projects

Building Automation System Projects: 9 Things to Improve the Success of Your Projects Download a PDF of this Article Building automation systems (BAS) work is unique among construction disciplines, and even among other building technologies and systems. Building automation systems … Read More