Mechanical Testing, Inc. Provides Transparency and Efficiency to Clients with BlueRithm


Mechanical Testing, Inc. uses BlueRithm to help construction management teams simplify, automate and build for the future.  MTI includes cloud-based reports to work efficiently and allows flexibility to property and facility managers assurance their building is running correctly in real time as testing occurs.  

How MTI Uses a Cloud-Based Application to Assist The Improvement of Construction Management

Our comprehensive paperless reporting and commissioning platform, BlueRithm, offers a cloud based report for commercial building projects allowing collaboration for the owner to check progress and have a final hard copy and report at the end of the project. This provides complete transparency throughout the project.

BlueRithm is a management system that allows a cloud app to store data and maintain data security. BlueRithm uses software as a service to help the construction industry plan with cloud computing applications to help provide property and facility managers data about their building operations

Read more about MTI and how they approach commissioning here.

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