Managing Profitability with Good Resource Utilization

The vast majority of building systems and commissioning work is performed as projects within matrix organizations. Within these matrix structures are limited pools of resources who project leaders and department managers are constantly negotiating and competing for in order to … Read More

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BAS Point to Point Checkout and Commissioning

Managing BAS Point to Point Checkout and Commissioning

On your BAS projects, once you have a project plan in place, engineering and design work finished, and begin executing your work, you need to make sure that it runs as smoothly and is as organized as possible. Facilitating this … Read More

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Project Management on Building Automation System Projects

Project management on building automation system projects is sometimes viewed as simply making sure tasks are checked off a list as a project moves along. But it should be more than that. It should be a strategy for how you … Read More

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3rd party commissioning planning and strategy

What is 3rd party commissioning? It depends

How many construction projects have you been involved with where you know that 3rd party commissioning is within the scope of the project, but you don’t really understand the extent of what it actually entails? What is 3rd party commissioning? … Read More

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TOP TEN Reasons for Unsuccessful SCADA System Implementations

Glenn Corvigno takes a thorough and humorous tour through the most common challenges of SCADA system projects in this great article. A common theme is the importance of a detailed commissioning plan, communication and collaboration between all project members, attention to detail, and tracking the … Read More

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Technology as an Enabler

In a Construction Executive article, Adrian Scholes writes about the conflict between increasingly complex construction projects and the accompanying tighter budgets and aggressive schedules, and how technology can play a key role in the solution. “When all team members can access and … Read More

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