Track and manage FPT’s, checklists, issues, notes, files, contractors, and other information in a simple way so nothing gets missed. With BlueRithm you can streamline your projects and accelerate closeout, while also saving time and money.

  • Automatically generate reports, with only your own logos and branding.     Get a sample report
  • Manage issues, startup checklists, functional performance tests and more.
  • Maintain an unlimited number of projects on your account.
  • Enjoy a simple and predictable pricing model. 
  • Track and manage critical details and information.
  • Streamline collaboration with your team, contractors, and other project stakeholders.
  • Reduce meetings.
  • View snapshots of your data at the organization and project levels.
  • Avoid rework & rechecking completed activities.
  • Add unlimited guest users to your account.
  • Store and easily access project files and images. We store your pictures in full resolution.
  • Accelerate project closeout.
  • Reduce paperwork.
  • Get your team up and running on BlueRithm FAST due to an intuitive and simple design and layout.

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Automate hours of work with a few clicks with the Report Builder tool in BlueRithm. BlueRithm makes creating clean, professional, and comprehensive progress and final reports simple and fast. 

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View a short video on working with the report builder in BlueRithm. Once a Report Builder configuration has been set up, it can be used over and over as a project progresses.

Checklists, functional performance tests, pre-functional task lists, etc. can be set up on systems and sub-components of systems, as well at the project-level.

Create any type of custom form, checklist, or test script.

Use spreadsheets to upload your existing forms.

BlueRithm can handle the most complex or the simplest forms you have, and we can assist in converting your existing libraries of checklists and forms as well.

We have extensive templates based on industry best practices that are free to use for all BlueRithm users. Use templates for your libraries of checklists, pre-functional task lists, functional performance test scripts, etc. to create efficiency and consistency across all of your projects.

All of the information you need about your project is easily accessible and where you expect it to be.

Give your clients visibility into the status of the whole project with guest access developed specifically for them.

Organize your projects in folders based on floors, areas, groups of equipment, or however you need to organize your project.

Export reports for individual floors, areas, or equipment types.

The “My Work” view displays everything entered by, or assigned to, a guest user. This allows easy access to the information subcontractors responding to issues and checklists need, without requiring much training.

The information can be sorted and filtered by status, what each item is associated with, etc.

Issue management is simple but powerful, and allows guest users from outside your organization to directly respond to Issues that are assigned to them. Pictures and any other file types can be attached to the Issue and each response.

Issue statuses are automatically updated when an assigned respondent replies to the Issue, and daily update reports are emailed to project members to keep everyone informed and on track.

Generate professional reports with your company’s logo. Issue reports, completion reports, summary reports, status reports, are available with a few clicks.

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Capture photos directly from a mobile device, and attach them to Issues, Notes, checklist items, and more.

Other file types can be added as well. Everything your team needs can be kept securely in one place, and the files will be where you expect them to be – with the Project, System, Issue, Checklist, or other item they’re associated with.

You can also grab files from your other apps, like your cloud storage services.

Set up and make bulk modifications to large projects efficiently with configuration forms.

BlueRithm can increase your entire team’s confidence and efficiency in managing your projects from the design phase through final sign off. It will give you the control you need to make precise and actionable decisions, maintain a high level of accuracy and quality, and ultimately save you time and money.

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