What’s New


Accelerating Into the Next Decade

Big Changes

What a whirlwind year it’s been – and we still have a quarter to go! As construction technology adoption accelerates, we’re pushing the limits by bringing in new partners and investors, hiring new senior engineers, and constantly adding to our amazing and diverse customer base around the world.

Everything we’re doing is part of an ambitious plan to build the best commissioning, readiness, and TAB platform. We’ll leverage deep integrations with the construction technology ecosystem to empower you to automate workflows, improve efficiencies, and stay ahead of the technology curve.

Automate Workflows

We are working on multiple fronts to give you deep integrations with the broader technology ecosystem.

You’ll see new updates soon about release dates and more details about our integrations roadmap.

Autodesk Construction Cloud


BlueRithm is Free

We believe in giving you the best tools without putting up artificial barriers. That’s why you can now use BlueRithm with no risk, obligation, or cost. You can start a new account in minutes at https://bluerithm.com.

A Growing Team!

We recently hired several new extremely talented senior software engineers that bring a wealth of experience with integrations and modern cloud platforms. Our growing team is now able to bring more features and tools faster and better than ever before.

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