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A new reality has emerged in the last few years. It’s no longer true that the industry you work in isn’t adopting and leveraging new technology – it’s catching up, and fast. Capital investment in technology aimed at construction and large capital projects is higher and accelerating more than for technology in almost any other sector.

What this means is that your competition is probably using technology better than you. Which also means they’re more efficient, provide a more streamlined service for their clients, and they’re more profitable. 

You may be using legacy technology: Older platforms that have run their course or have unwieldy project-based pricing models, bespoke solutions that are time intensive to maintain and use, or static and un-automated approaches using spreadsheets and Word docs, PDF editing tools, Access databases, etc. I don’t call this out to be critical – at one point this was probably the best option. But that’s changed….

We believe certain things just shouldn’t exist in 2021 for commissioning, readiness, and TAB software. 

  • Complexity / poor UX to the point where you need custom training
  • Rigid format & project structures
  • High barriers to entry
  • Opaque / hidden pricing
  • Requiring a demo to learn about pricing
  • Requiring a demo to trial software
  • Unreasonably high fees
  • Enormous effort to set up templates and projects

We have fixed some of this already, but we’re taking things a massive step further. 

You can now use BlueRithm for free. I’m not talking about a free trial, or an almost unusable, pared down version of the platform.

You now have access to a free tier in addition to our already effective pricing model. This means you’ll have: 

  • Unlimited guest users.
  • Unlimited projects.
  • No credit card required to start. 
  • No demo or training required to start. 

On the free tier there’s a cap on core users (like our other tiers) as well as total equipment on your account, but it’s a limit designed to give you capacity to run real projects and get real value from the platform. And it doesn’t expire. Then, once you’ve experienced value in BlueRithm (which like thousands of other BlueRithm users, we firmly believe you will!), you can upgrade to really take things to the next level. 

We’ve done this for two main reasons. First, we strongly believe in the value BlueRithm will bring to your firm and clients, and second, we believe there is no reason anyone in our industry should continue to lag behind the technology adoption curve. And there’s just no reason adopting technology in today’s world should be so much more difficult and expensive compared to other industries. We could call this a revolution, but we won’t get carried away.

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  1. roberto sanchez

    Interesting offer, I ll take this one to understand better your product
    Thanks indeed

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