BlueRithm Updates: Universal Tagging, Queries, Filtering


Staying true to our motto of constantly working hard to deliver the best platform at an untouchable value, we just released another update. This is a big one! 

Having a central place to store all of your project data is important, but having the right tools to get answers to important questions is even better. 

What This Means

Let’s say you want to know how many systems/equipment on the 1st floor of a building have open issues, have test forms or activities that are incomplete or in progress, that are on systems of type FCU or AHU, and are from the manufacturer ACME Equipment. 

Or maybe you have a bunch of issues linked to sections of test forms and checklists scattered throughout the project, and you need to know what equipment and what test forms still have open issues. Maybe you need to know this for just the first floor and equipment related to the primary heating and cooling systems. 

With the new filtering and query capabilities in BlueRithm, those answers are available in seconds!

Included in this update: 

  • Universal tagging
  • Powerful new filters
  • A dedicated queries page
  • Updates to report building tools
  • Updates to key pages for better management of your projects

Universal Tagging

Universal tagging allows you to group equipment, systems, checklists, forms, issues/punch list items, etc. with common tags. Then using these tags you can create reports, dashboards, and more to understand the relationships between everything on your projects.

New Filtering

We’ve added powerful filters that let you dissect your project from every angle, and give you the power to get answers to detailed questions about your projects. 


Dedicated Queries Page

The new Queries page gives you a place to get answers via the new filters so you can see all the relationships between your project data. 


Updates to Report Building Tools

The report building tools now take advantage of the new filters. This allows immense flexibility for what every section of every report contains. 
Existing report sections in report builder configurations can now be edited as well. 

Updates to Primary Pages

Many of the most used pages in projects now have the new filters as well. 


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