BlueRithm November 2020 Updates


We’re happy to continue to release updates at a rapid pace! Here’s what we’ve been up to: 


  • Support for TAB projects
  • Embedded formulas and equations in BlueRithm forms
  • A New Work Matrix
  • Streamlined workflow for issue status changes and closure
  • General file management 
  • A new My Work page
  • Android and iOS apps: New version 1.0.4 is now available. Improved table performance, shared issues and work, linked issues, add new work from the app. A Windows version is on the way!

Support for TAB Projects

BlueRithm, now supports TAB projects. We added new functionality to support the large matrices, equations, and reporting needed for test and balance projects. We also have a pre-built template specifically for test and balance work.

Embedded Formulas and Equations

BlueRithm now supports embedding any formulas and equations that an Excel worksheet can handle. 

Short formula demo: 

A New Work Matrix

Another way to visualize your project data. This is part of the path to a full query builder for BlueRithm projects.


Streamlined Workflow for Issue Status Change and Closure


General File Management

While file storage has always been a part of the platform, we have improved general file storage options and gave it its own page for each project. Everything you’d expect is there including public and private sharing options, version tracking, general folders, etc.

Updated My Work Pages

The My Work page now separates assigned issues and work items by project, and excludes anything that’s not from a project a user is a member of. This helps when Shared Issues and Work is turned on!


App Updates

Version 1.0.4 is now available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores!
In this latest version, you can now add new work from the app, create linked issues, we’ve improved the performance and formatting of tables, and shared issues and work is now supported. 
We’re working on getting a Windows version of the app ready as well! The Windows version will run on laptops, PC’s, and most late-model Windows mobile devices. 

If you’re not already using BlueRithm and would like to get started, you can schedule a demo here

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