Now is the Time to Switch to BlueRithm


Sometimes we outgrow the things that used to work for us. Or maybe there weren’t great choices to begin with. If you’re using a commissioning platform that just doesn’t fit your needs anymore, we have an offer that will help you make a transition to something that more closely matches what you need for success.

Right now we’re offering a promotional program to switch from competing platforms to BlueRithm. You’ll receive a two month credit towards an annual subscription in addition to the other benefits that always come with an annual BlueRithm subscription, like having us handle the legwork of custom template setup. 

BlueRithm is unique to other options on the market. Here are the reasons we hear from our customers about why they prefer to partner with us. 

Modular workflows, custom forms, and unlimited customization in project structure

Because your work involves more than yes/no or pass/fail checklists, you need a commissioning platform that accommodates everything from small quick-hit projects, to the most complex mission critical or massive, multi-building campus projects.

BlueRithm provides an easy way to either import your custom workflows and forms into new projects, or create new ones from scratch using simple Excel imports. 


Simple pricing with UNLIMITED projects

Tired of dealing with project-based pricing? From our earliest days, we decided to keep things simple with a predictable, efficient pricing model. 
We have customers saving 10’s of thousands dollars every year after switching to BlueRithm.

It’s EASY to use and learn

Do you know why we don’t have a training center or recurring training webinars? Because they’re just not necessary with BlueRithm. We have many customers who are successfully running projects in BlueRithm after just an hour or two of onboarding, and some without any!

We also handle the legwork of creating your library of custom forms and workflows. This makes it absurdly easy to get started with us.

Always available on any device, online OR offline

BlueRithm has the easiest to use, most automated offline-syncing app available. It works the same on Android or iOS devices. The full web portal ALSO works on mobile, so you’re never without full capability of the platform, regardless of what device you’re using. 

Act Now

This offer won’t be around for long. If you’re ready for an upgrade, get a hold of us right away and let’s find out if BlueRithm is a good fit for you and your team. 

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