BlueRithm Updates: Offline Mobile Apps Released, New Dashboards, Issue Categories and Trends


Offline-capable mobile apps for Android and iOS tablets

We are happy to announce that the BlueRithm Android and iOS apps are ready! We know many of you have been waiting for this overdue release, so we’re pleased to announce that version 1 is done! We’re already working hard on v2…

The BlueRithm Android and iOS tablet apps seamlessly and automatically transition between online and offline modes, so you can focus on your work, regardless of the environment you’re in.

The web portal will remain the go-to place for managing projects, but our apps give you a streamlined tool for efficient field work.

(If you’re reading this and the iOS version isn’t showing up in your app store search, that means it is still in the review process with Apple.)

New dashboards

The dashboard now has all of the same information as the Overview page for projects, but it let’s you combine and view metrics and trends for any group of projects, companies, or your entire organization at once.

There are new filters for the schedule that allow useful filtering based on individual users and categories of work.

Issue categories and trends

Issue categories have been a popular request from our customers. They provide additional insight into projects. But because of how we’ve implemented them in BlueRithm, you can actually look back in time and see trends for groups of projects, or even your entire organization. This is a powerful way to approach root cause analysis, and to develop proactive plans with your clients on future projects based on this historical data that you’ll have.

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