BlueRithm Updates


We’ve been working harder and faster than ever in 2019 and are ready for BlueRithm to take the place as the leading commissioning software. Here’s a few examples of what we’ve been up to, and where we’re heading. 

Pricing Updates for 2020

This does *NOT* affect current customers. New customers can lock in their account at the current rates by signing up as soon as possible.

Offline App

We’re nearing the finish line with our app that will include offline capabilities. Just like the current web portal, it will have a consistent user interface across platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). We know you’ve been waiting for this!

Multiple Conferences and Industry Events

We’ve been hitting the road and making appearances at industry events. It’s been phenomenal to meet many of the great people from our rapidly expanding BlueRithm customer base, as well as future customers.

API and Integrations

We’ll be bringing powerful interfaces with other platforms that you and your clients use, as well as giving you a way to pull raw data from BlueRithm into other platforms. 

Automated Schedules

This feature is valuable not only for you and your team to manage your project, but also for your clients and project teams. The next time your client or a GC asks you for a schedule, all you’ll need to do is click Export. 

New Ways to Visualize Projects

Floors, rooms, areas served, custom equipment groups are all possible with BlueRithm, along with any other custom properties you want to create. 

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Other Big Things!

We’ve got more great things in store as we continue to build our team and the capabilities of BlueRithm. We intend to continue making BlueRithm the only obvious choice for your commissioning software needs. If you’d like to learn more about BlueRithm and how it can streamline your mission critical and commercial commissioning projects, checkout out our website at https://bluerithm.com and get in touch with us today.

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