Highlights: Automated Schedules


Demonstrate Mastery of the Commissioning Process with Little Effort

Having a project schedule that accurately reflects the work you’re managing and performing not only helps you manage your own team effectively, it shows that you know what you’re doing – that you know what it takes to get the job done. And not only do you know what it takes to get it done, you understand how it all fits into the larger picture of your client’s project.

If you can demonstrate this, you can help steer the entire “ship” towards success, all while earning the trust of your clients. Without demonstrating this, you’re just along for the ride and probably easily replaceable. 

Creating an accurate project schedule used to require fairly advanced knowledge of scheduling tools like Microsoft Project or Primavera, along with LOADS OF TIME to input data, organize it properly, etc. Now, all it takes is clicking a few buttons in BlueRithm, and it will create a project schedule for you that has all of the same work you already have set up and are tracking in your project in BlueRithm. It’s another example of how BlueRithm automates tedious administrative work and helps you focus your experience and expertise where it counts the most.

Template Updates: Commissioning Milestones

We’ve added milestones to the BlueRithm template project. These milestones span the major phases of a new construction commissioning program, and can be imported into any project (which means they’ll automatically show up on your project schedules!).

Here’s a few examples of the what BlueRithm can automatically produce for you…

Automatically created schedule for a project in BlueRithm. No extra work required.
Automatic schedule export to Excel
Milestones shown in a BlueRithm schedule
Easy adjustments
It’s like you have a dedicated project manager


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    […] As an example of an effective and easy to use tool, the scheduling feature in BlueRithm automatically tracks all of the commissioning activities and established milestones in real time as they’re being completed. You can read more about how this works with BlueRithm in this article. […]

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