The Biggest Barrier to Adopting Commissioning Software


The Problem

Among the few barriers that we often hear people speak about when deciding to adopt commissioning software, the horror of converting an existing library of commissioning forms, checklists, and other commissioning project collateral is often the most overwhelming.

After all, it’s taken years to build up and hone this library. Maybe it’s finally dialed in to where you feel really comfortable with it, or maybe it’s gotten completely out of hand and it’s hard to tell which way is up.

Our Solution

These are the reasons we originally started offering a service to handle the digitization of your organization’s commissioning forms, commissioning checklists, and project collateral.

We have optimized this process and have a team of people with real industry experience who can take your library of documents, and quickly turn them into templates on your BlueRithm account. It’s painless and fast. You can even treat it as an opportunity to standardize and clean up your firm’s documents and standard practices.

Don’t Wait

Using commissioning software can improve your efficiency, consistency, customer satisfaction, and bottom line. Don’t let the fear of spending dozens of hours setting up your commissioning software stop you from taking the leap, because you don’t need to spend dozens of hours.

We will do the heavy lifting for you, and you’ll be executing your Cx projects with greater accuracy and efficiency in way less time than you thought possible.

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