BlueRithm Updates


We’ve released some updates recently that we wanted to share with you. Releasing new features that our customers have asked for, and that help them be more efficient with their time and projects, is one of the best parts of what we do.

Project Template with Pre-Built Checklists

We recently released a project template with a large number of pre-built construction checklists based on ASHRAE and BCxA construction checklists. These checklists are freely available to all of our customers and trial users. This project template includes checklists for:

  • Pre-design and design reviews
  • OPR checklists
  • Test and balance
  • HVAC – Air systems
  • HVAC – Water systems
  • Various technology Systems

Project templates with pre-built checklists save loads of time when starting new projects, and help ensure you have everything covered.

Usability and Other Updates

We’ve also made a number of smaller tweaks and updates to make BlueRithm easier to use and to get work done faster.

Stop by our website to learn more, or to sign up for a trial to see for yourself what BlueRithm can do for you and your teams.

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