Recent Updates


Here’s a quick rundown of some changes we’ve made since the last update we sent out.

Email Notifications

We’re in the process of rolling out email notifications. You may have seen a Daily Rundown email or two in your inbox already. The Daily Rundowns will give you snapshots of your projects, as well as direct links to updated items. Configurable options will let you choose what each person gets: Daily updates, updates when new items are assigned to them, as well as updates when changes are made to issues and other items you’re tracking. We’re rolling this out in phases.


Some updates to reports were deployed recently.


We added the ability to copy Systems. This works for not only systems themselves, but all tasks, issues, notes, files, etc. that are associated with a system.

We also fixed some bugs and made some other miscellaneous improvements.

Stay Tuned

**There is some good stuff coming down the line as well. We are laying the groundwork for an app that will let you work offline on your BlueRithm projects.
We’re going to be adding the ability to produce correspondence from your BlueRithm notes, issues, etc. This will most likely include meeting minutes, RFI’s, change order requests, and general memos. Stay tuned!

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